Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art With Friends

A good friend, and amazing Las Vegas artist, is now showing his works in a local non-profit art gallery.
Dinosaur & Roses
Here are some of his supplies and colors he creates with:

I stopped by his studio to visit and he was busy painting a few canvases - we turned up the music, shared some laughs and then I timed him doing a couple different paintings.  The timing of the paintings was more of a fun challenge - but the finished product was still full of love and life.
It was awesome to watch him at work and see a blank canvas literally reshaped into color and life.

This one I called "Colorado"

Here he is reminding me that the painting was completed in 5 minutes!

 And then there was "Sunflower"

I asked him if he would paint "Wind" and he began (and finished) the following:

How fabulous is that??

Visit RuBen at "Studio One" at Dinosaur & Roses and support local artists and small businesses!

More paintings in a few days - I even have a video of a painting - from blank canvas to finished piece that I'll be sharing....


  1. RuBen is uber, super talented and I own two of his pieces! (or I will after he finishes my marilyn! ;) He also donates his time and studio for kids with Cancer. Make sure to go by Dinosuars and Roses and check out all the galleries to support LV fine artits!

    P.S. I wonder if "Colorado" has sold yet? ;)

    1. You're so right, Lisa!! RuBen is da bomb and Dinosaur and Roses is helping to make a difference!! I'll post more about the Kids with Cancer and Circus Couture events this week.

  2. I love Colorado the best. I also love that RuBen works for Kids with Cancer. My husband and RuBen work for a great cause. Bravo!

  3. I like the Colorado painting too!! RuBen is awesome! (and so is your hubby!!)