Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 13 - Art

Oh dear, I missed a day.
Well, let me remedy that.
Art is many things - and all of it needs to create emotion or feeling within the viewer.
This is a picture of Sydney, Australia.  I bought it on my first day in Sydney, while on a high-school exchange program.  What better place to visit on your first day in Sydney, than The Opera House.  My host family took me to the harbor and we saw the Opera House.  This pen and ink drawing was rolled up in a basket in the gift shop.  The memories of that day are still pretty strong, lo these many years later......
It was marked $30 AUD and that was sure a lot of money in 1981.  (My exchange was during the summer before my senior year of high school).  I bought this piece of art for my parents and it hung above their fireplace for years.
Mom gifted it to me when I bought my first place and I've had it with me ever since.
I lurv it.

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